Pressure Washing Services

Blue Stream Power Washing, LLC is a licensed and insured cleaning company dedicated to providing professional Pressure Washing Services In Lexington, SC Area, eco-friendly, and safe pressure washing solutions in Lexington, South Carolina. Bringing over two decades of experience with us, we have a firm grasp of everything about commercial and residential power washing. This is further complemented by our unwavering focus on delivering top-quality Pressure Washing services that will restore the beauty of your business and living environment.

We maintain a customer-first approach in our business, and for the establishment of a good partnership, we offer obligation-free consultations. Since our services are centered on improving your property’s curb appeal, these consultations aim to ensure you have a tailored package depending on your needs.

Convenience, Affordability, and Superior Service

Are you looking for a trusted local company offering pressure washing near me in Lexington, SC? Then you need to look no further than Blue Stream Power Washing as we have established ourselves as a cut above the rest. Utilizing high-end industrial equipment and seasoned cleaning agents, we are always ready to tackle the toughest stain, dirt, and grime in your home and business.

You will love the convenience of our services as we are only a phone call away (803) 309-2279 from giving your property the shine it deserves. Most importantly, you will appreciate our affordable rates as we believe that you don’t have to break the bank to keep your property clean. As an independently-owned company, we lean on our reputation for prosperity, and we will stop at nothing to ensure your satisfaction.

Residential pressure washing services in Lexington, SC 

While much attention is always paid to the interior of a home, its exterior should equally not be neglected. This is because your home’s exterior is exposed to a lot of dirt and harsh environmental conditions. Consequently, it quickly becomes dirty and will develop unwanted coverings over time, including; fungus, mold, and mildew. To maintain the new and fresh look of your home, there is the need to ensure it is annually cleaned, and we make this possible with our pressure washing Lexington, SC. Our focus is not only to clean your exterior but restore the original looks of your property as we get rid of the growing mold and mildew on different surfaces.

Commercial pressure washing services in Lexington, SC

In the business world today, image is critical as it is the basis of appealing to customers. Besides maintaining a professional image, you need to extend this to the outlook of your offices. It is the little things that count, and having clean pavements, walls, and walkways is a subtle but powerful way of sending across the right message. With our power washing services, you never have to worry about this as we use advanced techniques to give your business the best physical appearance.

Settle for the best

It takes a lot to make your property sparkling clean, and for this, there is the need to only hire the best team for power washing in Lexington, SC. At Blue Stream Power Washing, we give you access to a seasoned team of cleaning specialists who use the safest and most effective cleaning techniques. The icing on the cake is that our services are backed with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

Call us today, and let us restore the beauty of your property with our Pressure Washing Services.